Terms and Conditions

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Your Friday Girl is a confidential and reliable service. Client details are never disclosed to a third party without the consent of the client. Any testimonials and pictures which appear on the website or in advertising material are being used with the full permission of clients.

Payment terms

The first consultation at your home or business location is free of charge (max 30 minutes) and carries no obligation to continue. The needs of the client and contract will be discussed and a plan of action will be created. Your Friday Girl will then charge at a rate of £ 25 per hour or part of hour (Monday to Fridays ONLY)

All payments must be cash, cheque or direct bank transfer. Payments are due 7 days from invoice date. Late or non payments may incur additional expenses of  – 10% per week / part of, from date of due payment.

Additional cost will occur when additional items or services have to be purchased (e.g. office material, storage containers etc.). These purchases will only take place after a verbal agreement from the client.

Rescheduling or Cancellation

The client and Your Friday Girl have the right to cancel or reschedule appointments due to unforeseen circumstances. Your Friday Girl has the right to charge at a rate of £25 per hour for a cancellation by the client giving less than 24 hours notice.


Your Friday Girl aims to provide the best possible service to clients who need to get organised, but cannot be held responsible if the client chooses not to reorganise – it is ultimately the client’s choice.

Your Friday Girl makes every effort to help clients to organise their office, and manage their paperwork in a suitable way by working closely with them. Your Friday Girl cannot be held responsible for lost papers, missed datelines or breakages.


Travel time and mileage up to 15 miles from the centre of Helensburgh (by road, not as the crow flies!) is free of charges. Above that Your Friday Girl can charge 40p per mile and travel time at £12.50 per half hour.


Your Friday Girl has full public liability insurance.

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